I began my artistic career 40 years ago as a stone sculptor. Moving to Kozo fiber as a sculptural medium brought many new challenges and delights. My adventure into Japanese paper making began at a one day workshop presented by Richard Lee in September 2005. A fast friendship developed and within a couple of months I was invited to share his studio space at the Old Mill in Richmond Maine. This unique opportunity to work with a master paper maker of Richard's acclaim had a profound effect on my creative process. 

The long fibers of the Mulberry tree produce strong, beautiful, airy papers which then become my creations. This ancient process allows the tree to be transformed by the human spirit within a natural cycle. Its fibers carry the essence of the tree and are born again into a new form.

My inner rhythm and connection to the earth is achieved in my paper by leading the Kozo pulp and fiber in a dance with the plants and other natural materials. Each piece gives birth to the next in a never ending cycle, gently incorporating my internal and external relationship with the environment.




Viewers experience the spiritual aspects profoundly, as the image touches us in a place for which there are few words.
I hope you will feel nurtured and enriched after seeing the work.

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